Monday, October 19, 2009

宫心计 & 富贵门

Haha.. today watch episode 1 of 宫心计 at AOD. wow, so damn nice. Episode 1 also made me cry jo.. dunno in future how le.. haha ^^ maybe need more tissue?

The dress and jewelerry also so beautiful, and all the actress also. The 主题曲 also geng. hehe. Aiyak, means need to 'chui' drama from today onwards. ^^ I love geh actress and actors is 佘诗曼,my fav idol, 杨怡, 郑嘉颖, 陈豪 , 米雪, and 关菊英. 佘诗曼 & 杨怡, wow, 很美哦. cant wait to see them fight with each other. haha, so bad. Can learn something also.


Today also watch episode 1 of 富贵门. Geng also geh. The 主题曲 can show how geng this movie. But if compare to episode 1 of 宫心计, 宫心计 is more geng today. 1st episode also fight here fight there jo. haha. T.T I like 罗嘉良, 马德钟 ( yeng chai + handsome o ), and 郭可盈 ( pretty ). This movie also got 吕良伟, 袁咏仪, 戚美珍 & 薛家燕, all this are TVB senior and geng geng geh people. haha. so this movie is great la. Haha ^^.

~ Conclusion for both this drama, 1 word can describe , dat is GENG! ok la, i need to continue watch le. Update soon. nitez ^^ ~


EstherBb said...

yeah~ nice dramas =)