Sunday, July 20, 2008

My friEnds a.k.a claZmatEs 5 beStaRi 08 Episode 2

Nur Athirah

> Good friends to Nuratikah and Nurhidayah

> The cutest gal in my class bcoz she's small. Hey,but u cant 'judge a book by it's cover'. Even though she's small,she is great in Taekwandoe. Unbelievable? Believe it..some guys in my class like to call her 'budak Taekwandoe'..and Amirul Syafiq asked her to teach him a skill or two. Haha....

> A clever gal and sometimes she teaches me new things.

> Her daily routines were full of Taekwandoe's training. She was trained at 8pm till 11pm, and sometimes she finishes at 12am ( thats what she told me..) from mon to sunday. Except thurs..
Whosh,thats unbelieavable..

> what i admire about this gal is, although her daily routines were full of Taekwandoe's training,

tiz gal still have time for fun and studies. ( p.s: if i were u, thirah, i don't even think i can make it)

> a cheerful person and like to laugh.

> to me, there are some secrets within her. I don't know what is it. Perhaps, a mystery.

Nada Syazana

> assistant of class 5 Bestari 08

> quiet and calm person

> smart..she's the newcomer for Add Maths scorer

> "seorang yg lemah lembut,suaranya perlahan",thats the first thing that most of my classmates would say about tiz gal..haha

> a good friend to afiqah..

> urm, i guess there are some secrets about tiz gal. Well, everyone has secrets right??

> A hardworking gal..

Nur Afiqah

> 'penolong ketua pengawas'

> funny gal

> sweet and slalu manja2 dgn's ok..normal lah tu..

> a very close friend to hidayah

> sometimes dia baik,and somtimes dia jahat

> banyak rahsia orgnye

> patient..although sometimes its irritating..

> suke jaga hati org lain...uh hum uh hum..

> clever gal..

> suka buat kerja dia je..tak pedulikan perasaan org lain..( p.s: sorry to say,afiqah )