Friday, July 18, 2008

My friEnds a.k.a claZmatEs 5 beStaRi 08 Episode 1


>Twin to Nuratikah
>A cute friend to hang out with..

>A kind girl and someone who helps me a lot besides atikah and athirah.

>When i first met hidayah and atikah,it gave me headache. They both looked almost the
same,and i can't differentiate between them.

> But later,as time goes by,i started to realize that there was something different about them.
Since then,i got to differentiate them.

> This girl is totally a good friend to have. No matter how hard a problem is,she always take it as
simple as she can.

> BTW, she taught me a lot of things neither in studies nor 'not in studies'. haha

> Sometimes, she is so serious. And,sometimes, she is funny. A 'one of a kind' personalities.

> She's hardworking and smart. I know she definetely can make it and succeed, just try your best, gal....
> A cheerful person..always got that smile on her face. It makes people feel happy around her. its great coz it makes all her friends feel happy this..hahahahahaha..

> Thanks for being my friend,dayah.. chai yok chai yok..


>Twin to nurhidayah

> same like her twin sister, a cute friend to hang out with.

> A hardworking girl and always help her friends

> There is always something funny about her. ( i dun know why,haha )

> She is smart and does her homeworks. ( p.s: atiqah,u r much hardworking than me actually )

> Helpful person

> What i like about this gal is, she's one special person in my mind. She's cute, funny, and makes
joke all the time. What i can do is, laugh laugh laugh. HAHA..

> If u know this gal, then, u know what i'm talking about..