Friday, July 25, 2008


Yes,i guess u guys know what i'm going to talk about from the title "GUILTY". I feels VERY GUILTY today..why?? Bcoz i cant go to school to help my classmates with decorations and making banners n so on for our exhibition tomorrow,26 July. It's our school co-curriculum day tomorrow. N,our class ( 5 Bestari ) is going to "present" a exhibition on that day. So,today,25 July,all the classmates is going to stay back for our preparations for our exhibition. At first,i planned not to go. N,the reason why i said i cant stay back today is bcoz of the repairman who will repair my house pipes system. So,i need to go home to settle this thing. The repairman finally reached my house at 2.30pm. He finished his work at 3.15pm. N,finally,i made my final decision. I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL FOR THAT PREPARATION!!!!!!!!!! i cant stand my feeling anymore. I feels so guilty if i'm not there with my friends to prepare for the preparation.. So,i planned to go to school at 3.30pm. I called Ariff and ask him to pass the phone to Afiqah..the reason i need Afiqah's help is that i need her to bring me to school with her bike. Ok,here's the thing. I accidentally hurt my leg when i'm going up the stairs after school. So,i cant walk pretty fast and it hurts. Without wasting any time and just to make sure i'm not making my leg even worse ( just in case ),i hope Afiqah can help me..but,unfortunately,syaf had borrowed her bike to buy white rats ( for our experiment tomorrow )...what i can do?? sit at home and do nothing?? yeah,u got it right. well,u teach me how to do?? am i suppose to go to school with this situation?? I dont know. Thats the only,i stayed at home with "my heart at school"..i'm thinking of, "are they having fun right now?", "hurm,what are they doing now?", "are they happy without me??", "how are they going to decorate the lab??".......thats what my mind think about till this moment. I really feels guilty, really i am. I really want to go school today. But,i dont have choices. N,this is my last year at high school and i wanna spend more time with my classmates.. how could this thing happened to me?? Ah.............. please..i cant take it anymore. I looked cool and calm, but i got feelings k. N, i think.........huh,nothing..i dont even know what i wanna say anymore.. I hope my classmates are not mad at me coz i can't go to the lab today. Especially,ghazmil and fikri. I'm sorry coz i can't make it today. I really want to go to school, guys....hope u guys understand..ok,i still feels guilty..hope when i wakes up the next morning, i change my feelings. Again, i'm sorry to ghazmil and fikri..i did my best to come today..."Biar lambat, asalkan selamat" is not suitable here,so i used "Biar lambat,asalkan ikhlas". I lambat pun bukan kan?? ...So maybe "biar i xdatang pun,asalkan ikhlas",hahahahaha.