Saturday, July 26, 2008

A daY woRth to reMemBer...

today is the school's co-curricular day!!!!! Its was a fresh morning..i reached the school and met Hidayah..then we went for "senam robik" at the tarmac. Later,i went to the chemistry lab ( where our class's exhibition located ) to get prepared..i'm in the biology group with syaf,eika, tikah,fikri. Hidayah is considered one of us too bcoz she help us. our exhibition starts at 9am. Its 8.05am n we got 55 mins to go. I and eika designs the labels and cut the pictures of the frogs and rats. It was fun that morning bcoz everyone is doing their work. Ok,we still have 5 mins to go and everybody starts to test their experiment juz to make sure it works. I,syaf,tikah and eika are planning to operate the white rat first ( yikes )..but later,we decided to split into 2 groups. I and Syaf will operate the frog while tikah and eika will operate the white rat. There are so many people in the lab. And many of them,watched us operating the frog and white rat. It was such a success. We also taught other people to try operating the frog at only rm0.50. We got some business to do. Hahaa..later,we demonstrate "operating the frog". I operate with tirah with atikah's help. I'm nervous at first but later,i'm professional later. Hope i could do it again. But,frogs are LIMITED. Thanks to dayah for buying me lunch. I got no time to go out from the lab. At about 11.45am,we finally finished operating all the frogs and white rats. N,i had so much fun today. Our exhibition was a great success. Co-operations right?? Haha.. We clean everthing up. Before we clean up,i try to make perfumes in the chemistry group. Wow,i got so much fun today. But,most precious of all,is that i can spend times with my classmates. Good job,everyone!!