Thursday, July 31, 2008

A swEet meMorY....

Haha..finally,i got my "long-lost" friend back,Padmini. I cant imagine how simple it was. I always said to myself that its impossible for me to have her as my friend back bcoz it's been 1 year and 2 months we doesn't talk to each other. I feel uneasy sometimes coz we're best friend since Form 2. She's someone i cant forget..i saw her everyday in my class..i can see her laughing,making jokes and spend times with her friends..but the worst thing is,i cant share it with her. I cant talk to her!! Its very uncomfortable.. I saw her everyday but cant talk to her??? u wont understand me coz u are not me. Believe me..if u were me,u did the same thing. It has been a burden to me since last first,i try to talk to her bout this.. But,bcoz i'm too EGO,i'm afraid to do so. So,i did not take any action till 30 July 2008...finally,i cant take it anymore and try my very best to confront her..THANKS TO HIDAYAH, AFIQAH, and ATIKAH for helping me out. Wihout u guys,i cant make it. It's around 11.50am when i talk to Hidayah and Afiqah bout my problem with pad. Then, i have a "counseling section" with both of them..they asked me to do it before its too late. Yeah,u both are right bout it. Thanks for all your advices. Haha..there are only 5 mins left before our BI teacher come,afiqah called pad to sit in front of me..i'm trying to say something from my mouth..oh oh, Pn. Selva has came in. So,all of us dismissed for a while. We wait for 45 mins. Then,at the end, Atikah called pad to sit beside me. Wooo, i'm so nervous ( p.s: HELP ME GOD!! )..later,she sat beside me. We didnt talk for about 10 mins..maybe both of us are nervous..Then, " Afiqah to the rescue!!".. i called her to help me. She help me to say something to pad. N,from there, i talk to pad word by word.. She talk to me too..later,everything is fine. We talk to each other then.. We laugh too. Haha..its funny right?? Haha..The bell rings and its time to go home. We said bye and go home. Huh,it made me feels so relieved and finally my BIG BURDEN has put down. I feel relaxed and happy after that day. N,i promise to myself that i'm not going to make trouble like this anymore. U'll suffering for it. Trust me..( p.s: i'm happy to have pad as my friend again..)
Thanks again to Hidayah, Afiqah and,the moral value of thie story is:
~ Appreciate all ur friends and try to be nice with them even though they do make mistakes sometimes~
and one more thing,actually this thing is very simple,but its our thinking that make it feel negative and complicated. If i doesn't confront her,i wont know the ending ( which turns out to be a happy ending....)